Kennel Club
Kennel Club #BanShockCollars campaign set to be won in England
The Kennel Club is delighted that, following a meeting with Rt Hon Michael Gove and Ross Thomson MP just last week, it is understood that a ban on both the sale and use of shock collars is to be announced across the UK shortly, following a consultation period on the terms of such a ban, including a total import ban and a possible amnesty.
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Five Hero Dogs
Five Hero Dogs Named as Finalists in hero dog awards
Judges from the Kennel Club, the UK’s largest dog welfare organisation, have selected five inspiring finalists to go forward for the public vote, with the winner being announced in the Genting Arena at the Birmingham NEC on the final day of Crufts, the world’s greatest dog show, on Sunday 11th March. These five dog heroes are just some of the dogs celebrated at the show for the ways that they enrich our lives.
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New partner
The Kennel Club announce Purina PRO Plan as their new partner in pet nutrition
Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “We are delighted to be working with Purina PRO Plan who share many of the same beliefs as the Kennel Club in terms of responsible dog breeding through the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme and the important role that our canine companions play in our society.
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Foreign Secretary backs call to ban
Foreign Secretary backs call to ban shock collars
In a video posted on Ross Thomson MP’s twitter account, the Foreign Secretary states: “I am absolutely shocked to discover that electric collars are being used on dogs as utensils of discipline and education. There are far better ways of training your dog. Just as you don’t need to cane children anymore, we’ve moved on from that – let’s move on from electric shock dog collars.”
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Kennel Club welcomes consultation
Kennel Club welcomes consultation on third-party puppy sale ban
The Kennel Club, whose own regulations explicitly ban the sale of puppies to third parties, has long called for an end to the sale of puppies in pet shops and by other third party retailers, as puppy farmers often use such outlets to sell their pups to unsuspecting members of the public who never see the terrible conditions that the pups were raised in.
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Say bonjour
Say bonjour to the UK’s newest pedigree dog – the Barbet
Following the ‘entente chaleureuse’ established between Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron at last week’s summit in London, Anglo-French relations in the world of dogs also look set to become even more cordial after official recognition of an ancient French breed in the UK.
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The way divorce impacts your dogs

Divorce Includes a whole lot of Problems to resolve: Who remains in the home? Who retains the vehicle? And needless to say, that receives the puppy?
With puppies progressively considered Care and custody agreements, division of expenses, and disagreements over that the dog favors may make an already-tough scenario even harder.
But dividing the family does not have to mean disaster for the puppy. Read these ideas suggested by divorce lawyer columbus ohio to find out exactly what divorcing couples are able to do in order in order to earn divorce as quickly as possible for your dog as well as themselves.
The Way Divorce Impacts Pets
Countless thousands of puppies go into the shelter system every year due to Couples dividing. It is essential to be aware that these folks are not creatures for rehoming their puppies; they are going through a remarkably stressful time, and more frequently than not, decided they think to be in the best interests of their dog.
But studies have shown again and again that what is best for the puppy is a Loving, secure home with a proven regular, also giving up a dog to a shelter or unsure future isn't in their very best interest.
The Strain of national discord may also lead to a stress or misbehaving in your pet. Your pet was used to sharing a house with two individuals, and they are probably dividing time between two houses and two distinct schedules. A puppy who has ever been perfectly house-trained may have a couple mishaps, or a previously silent dog might develop a nervous barking habit.
It is Essential to Be loving and patient with your puppy, also Keep in Mind that She is not being "poor," she is simply with a natural response to a perplexing situation.
Dogs are not able to inform us how they believe, but They Frequently show us with their Behaviour.
Do what you can to facilitate your pet's transition in a divorce, and also be patient. You are going through a tricky moment.
Although pets are family to all those People who adore them, from the eyes Of the legislation, dogs continue to be treated as land. Therefore, if a divorce battle goes to dog and court custody is in dispute, then the judge might not care who cared for their puppy or whose side of their mattress that the dog collapses on.
Judges will probably care for who "possesses" the puppy, i.e., who
Nobody gets married believing they will 1 day divorce, and it may be embarrassing and uncomfortable to broach the topic of what to do about your puppy if your marriage does not last. However, having that awkward dialogue early will probably decrease heartbreak down the road.
There Are Numerous points to Take into Account When producing a divorce strategy for your own dog:
Which partner works more hours compared to another, or journeys more frequently?
Who'd the puppy first? Oftentimes, it seems sensible for your dog to remain with the individual who brought him into the union.
Can the puppy prefer 1 partner over the other? This might be a challenging question to face, but for the pet's sake, it is important to admit if she is more bonded with a single individual from the connection. Bear in mind, this is worst-case-scenario preparation, along with your puppy's well-being must come first.
When you've got a multi-pet household, a split could be in order. Maybe 1 dog favors one, and also another favors your spouse; in that scenario, it could make sense for all you to have a dog.
Think about the probability of re-marriages new pets, children, etc.; it is not possible to completely predict the future, however, which makes even an overall strategy for the life span of your pet can make it a lot easier to navigate fresh challenges as they appear.
You can simply talk this over
Different dog care agreements will operate for different individuals after divorce. I know a few who split several years back but still keep a favorable "dog share" that permits each lots of time together with their cherished pet, 1 month on, 1 month away. Obviously, their puppy is an easygoing man who does fine with all these back-and-forth; when the puppy was specific about regular, they may have made another arrangement.
Caregiver for your puppy, together with another acting as "petsitter" so that they could have routine, if restricted, time together with their older buddy.
Whatever the particulars of this arrangement, in comparatively amicable divorces, Sharing custody of this dog may be a excellent way to help keep your pet active and fulfilled, and allow every individual keep a connection with their cherished pet.
Buddies. After all, in the Event That You loved and admired each other enough to And respect since co-pet-parents even in the aftermath of divorce.